About Zeke?

Hi there, I’m Zeke, a romanticist writer, a philanthropist, art lover, book geek, a movie junk, and a story-teller.

I am a believer in soul-stories. Stories that are drawn from the things we see, the experiences we’ve had, in contrast to our aspirations, beliefs, and dreams which defines our core. I wish to tell my stories, my day-to-day struggles, and how I perceive things through this blog, would you like to read my story?

The Writing Process

I am a communicative writer. I highly engage with people to produce content. While communication is vital, research is integral in my writing process. I always make it to a point that while I give out opinions and insights as I write, there are supporting facts that will help me with my claims. I engage myself in a lot of communities across Social Media to help me understand which topics to dwell on in my blog.

A Memory Lane.

While I use my website to publish my reviews, my insights, and takes on certain masterpieces, I always make a comparative look from how I perceived it then & now. I think that impression and recall bears weight whenever I present my arguments over a certain topic. This helps me assess my experiences more while trying to be critical about it.


I am Zeke, I’m here to tell my stories. I hope one day, you’ll get to tell me yours.