My unsent letters Post-bank

Dear old friend,

The first day we met, I already knew you were different, though I never expected how much you would affect me.


The first day we met, I already knew you were different – I have never met someone as beautiful and as loving as you, in an instant I was mesmerized by you. You were very accommodating, fun, and most of all you knew yourself better than anyone.

Without second thoughts, I’ve decided to reach out to you; to try to know you better- until I got a little too close. Then little by little, I’ve unconsciously stepped over your freedom, imposing myself as a major character who you cherished – I would’ve wanted that. Slowly, the limitations between us fade, and I fell in deep for you.

And so I’ve decided to take on the risk, one that I’ve calculated, I ran through it over and over just to be sure. Then I muster the courage and decided to confess my feelings for you, despite our busy schedules, I see to it to tell you personally how I honestly feel. I already knew it would surprise you a lot, but I never expected to receive that answer from you.

An answer that hanged in the middle of yes or no, in between accepted or rejected, I guess everything was false hopes. Your answer woke me up from the dream I lived through our time together. It was an answer so obvious but I chose to overlook. I just thought, maybe.

I’m sorry for making you feel awkward. Can you help me unsee the things I saw in you? The things I felt, can you help me forget you?

I promise now, I ready to go back to square one, but why do you have to veer away and look away from me? It’s funny how months have passed yet I held into the slightest hope that we’ll talk casually again – that maybe you would see me on a lighter shade, and perhaps, by that time, we are mature enough to be together.

I used to think that my determination and my persistence would be enough to get you to like me the way that I do. I was filled with so many petty questions I got too embarrassed to confront you. Seeing you now, I can only hope for your happiness.

Maybe we cannot be for each other, maybe our personalities won’t match? But even so, why won’t you spare the friendship? Why won’t you talk like we used to? Why do you keep on running away from me?

As I write this letter, my heart continues to shatter. But don’t worry, I’m letting you go, I promise I will be happy for you. Just know that, I’ll be waiting. Even if it’s impossible, I’ll still keep my promises.



By Zeke

I'm a scholar of life, a philanthropist, a romanticist writer, a philanthropist, an art lover, a book geek, a movie junk, and a story-teller. Zeke is an ever-curious millennial who takes interest in anything but mundane. His stories, insights, essays, and reviews are all drawn from the experiences, the upbringings, and the discoveries profound in life. Behind his bright and sunny personality is his deep curiosity for history, art, and life. In a neverending search for purpose, he strives to understand things by keeping an open mind and communication line.

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