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#DemFeels : Ampalaya Monologues’ “Hugot chronicles” sneak peak

Millennials have always been fond of “Hugot” may it be in the form of films, tracks / hits (music) or the most famous lines – the Hugot lines. These lines were drawn from people’s personal experiences or stories from their friends, relatives, colleagues, etc.

Millennials have always been fond of “Hugot” may it be in the form of films, tracks / hits (music) or the most famous lines – the Hugot lines. These lines were drawn from people’s personal experiences or stories from their friends, relatives, colleagues, etc… If you ever felt cheated on, played on and toyed by a lover or someone you adore. Then, Theater in Alternative Platorms‘ (TAP) Ampalaya Monologues is definitely for you.

Ampalaya Monologues is an array of performances that discusses relationship, love, heartaches and bitterness from people’s experiences. Each monologue tells a different story which aims to inspire and therapeutically heal people by releasing their bitterness and suggesting a resolution on each. TAP’s chic choice on music also completes the performances, spoken words topped with hugot tracks overwhelm the audience with emotions drawn from both the story and the songs.

Ampalaya Monologues First Year Anniversary performance will be composed of 15 Monologues from the original run plus 7 new ones. These monologues are namely:

Akin Ka Na Lang, Please?– Talks of A boy’s confession to his girl bestfriend
Ang Huling Tagay na Ilalaklak Ko Para Sa’yo – Is a scene of a man drinking after knowing about his lover’s secret affair.
Bakit May Mga Bakit? – Is a contemplation scene of a Man whether or not to confront, his bisexual partner.
Mga Bulong sa Hangin – These are the weighted whispers of a woman after his husband’s funeral.
Hanash ng Soloista – is a confession scene of a woman to her best friend who pressures her about her single status.
Hanggang Throwback Na Lang – Is a scene of a woman who remembers her 2005 college year and the mysterious man who stole her clueless heart.
Hindi Pwedeng Hindi Na – is man’s plea to his partner why he is not accepting his break-up.
Huwag – is about a woman who warns admirer of the repercussions of pursuing her.
Ikaw, Si Distance at Ako – is about a man motivates girlfriend to be patient amidst their long distance situation.
Kahit Coaching Pagtingin Woman convinces her “boss” to accept her resignation.
Kung Paano Wakasan Ang Walang Hanggan – story of a man who tries to win back his wife after years of taking her for granted.
Pag-ibig ang Mananaig – is a talk about a man who persuades boyfriend to join him at the pride march.
Mga Sayaw sa Ilalim ng mga Ilaw ng Pinakamahabang Pebrero – story of a woman who plays dangerous love games with her cousin.
No Feelter – is about a girl that transforms as she goes on different dates over a period of time.
Para sa Mga Pusong Pagod – thoughts from a boy asking for his friends’ understanding while he’s going through a heartbreak.
Panata ng Pusong Bagong Laya – story of a man that experiences first breakthrough moment after years of moving on.
Sa Pagitan ng Tayo Ba at Hindi Na – story of a girl who misses her almost lover and asks to see him again.
Saan Nagtatago ang mga Nawawalang Paalam – story of a woman who searches for her long lost love.
SingleBells – is a girl’s rant about the struggle of being single during the holiday season.
T.L. – is a story of a girl who cheers up her boyfriend after getting upset because of people’s judgment on their relationship.
There’s A Basha in All of Us – is a girl’s confrontation monologue to her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend who happens to be her best friend.
Violet ang Color ng Pag-ibig – is about a woman who shares her experience about domestic violence to a group of young women.

The materials are very similar to Spoken word poetry visually, but technically different in form. TAP aims to differentiate spoken word poetry and monologue by delivering creative performances using music and cut scenes, which they believe completes the experience of releasing and expressing your emotions freely.
TAP’s Ampalaya Monologues first anniversary performance will be at the PETA theater 1112, 5 Sunnyside Dr. New Manila, Quezon City, 1112 Metro Manila on October 15. Show starts at 7:00PM

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