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I Miss You, 2016

This is a poem I made for those whom I’ve wronged, the friends; the past lovers I discarded without even considering how they would feel.

Recently, I wondered why is the world so cruel, Why do we hurt the people dearest to us? The people who treasured us. Why do people make rash decisions and end up not caring for the people behind? It was a realization that I have become self-centered. 

This is a poem I made for those whom I’ve wronged, the friends; the past lovers I discarded without even considering how they would feel. This may not be a perfect way to apologize and be hopeful to be reconsidered. But this is my way of saying ” I value the moments that have been shared, and that I still cherish those people despite us parting away.”

I had a thought of you today,

I wondered, are you okay?

Or have you changed one bit,

Can you still remember me?

This happens when I am alone,

I feel like standing under the gloomy sky,

I feel sad, empty, and stoned.

The price I have to pay when I took my flight?

Lately I’ve been wondering,

Will you be back? Or should I still wait?

To blindly wait and hope for that time.

Or to move forward and look for a sweeter rhyme

I miss you, the words I long to hear

Cast your magic and cover my fears

It’s your voice I want to hear every time

Be the light in my endless night.

If we meet again in another place, another time.

Can we leave everything else behind?

I wanted to stand still by your side,

The place where I can’t afford to be denied.

Will I ever have that moment with you?

When we took the odds and glorified our youth

Our meeting was shorter than a delighted encounter

Was it real or not, I can’t help but wonder.

The time I’ve spent waiting for you,

A time filled with pain, delusions and always on queue.

I always thought if it still has worth

All I know is that you presence gives me comfort.

I am hoping for a time to come

When I can see you, and be happy for you

Even if it’s not with me I am fine,

It’s your happiness that matters more over mine

I chose not to believe for i stopped believing,

I simply woke up from this endless dreaming.

you took the flight that I can Never chase,

with solitude and shadows I was left to face.

The thought is still not clear to me,

“To be happy for the one you love”

But for me, I will be the happiest.

If you’ll never forget about me

I miss you, yes a lot

No matter how hard I try, I keep on longing for us

Is this a way of consoling myself?

That saved me the cost of shame and rebel.

I have kept everything inside for so long

Always waiting, & praying for a song

To help me recover and learn how to be strong

Because in this journey we set forth,

there’s no right nor wrong

By Zeke

I'm a scholar of life, a philanthropist, a romanticist writer, a philanthropist, an art lover, a book geek, a movie junk, and a story-teller. Zeke is an ever-curious millennial who takes interest in anything but mundane. His stories, insights, essays, and reviews are all drawn from the experiences, the upbringings, and the discoveries profound in life. Behind his bright and sunny personality is his deep curiosity for history, art, and life. In a neverending search for purpose, he strives to understand things by keeping an open mind and communication line.

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