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LETTERS TO JULIET(2010) Movie Review

The film follows a Shakespearean story-telling that will keep you engrossed in its narrative.

Jose Rivera and Tim Sullivan take us on a long and uplifting road with LETTERS TO JULIET(2010), which could’ve been a joyous and playful ride. It is a feel-good film that takes us on a journey as to how far one can one go for love. However, the cliche undermined its characters’ depth which could’ve complimented its plot more.

The film follows a Shakespearean story-telling that will keep you engrossed in its narrative. It slowly builds up your need for triumphs over small successes. However, nothing among its elements hit above average, which will make you focus more on the consistency of its elements making them predictable yet pleasing. Nonetheless, it was crafted to make you feel good by building up small successes underlying the concept of love.

The plot

“The film features the story of Sophie Hall (Amanda Seyfried) who aspires to be a writer from being a fact-checker in New York as she went together with her fiance Victor (Gael Bernal) to Verona, Italy for their supposed honeymoon. Until Sophie finds herself being left by victor because of his addiction to the Italian culture. Sophie then finds her way to the home of the secretaries of Juliet – a group of girls who write answers to the hope, mishaps, and desperation of their young subscribers. Sophie finds this as an opportunity to practice her writing skills and decided to join the group. She then found a 40-year old letter hidden behind the rock wall of the house of the secretaries which led her to meet Claire (Vanessa Redgrave) the writer of the letter. Sophie and Claire set forth on a journey with her grandson Charlie, as Sophie faces the twists and turns on their long journey. She then finds herself in a situation where she had to make a critical decision as it was necessary for love.”

LETTERS TO JULIET has served its purpose as a feel-good film for a good cause in 2010, as an entry to the Tribeca Film Festival which aimed to help the victims of 911 in Lower Manhattan. It was a film that has a fair treatment of overlays, and elements to make you feel good while on an unyielding adventure of love. While it follows a cliche plot, the film will make you appreciate why taking things slowly can be a good thing. Its narrative expounds on how small successes can pave a way to something bigger, not only for yourself but for other people as well.

Photo courtesy of IMDB
Photo courtesy of IMDB.

I highly recommend this film if you want something to console you at the end of a tiring day. If you feel like going on a journey, this film will surely take you to a long and enjoyable one.

Photo courtesy of IMDB


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