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I’m Letting go, Good bye

How do you say goodbye to the one you love? How do you cope with the pain caused by longing for that someone? What do you do to ease your pain? What do you do to those unsaid feelings?

Is it really that easy,
To say good bye without any query?
Should I take your silence as a yes,
You don’t know how much i longed for your caress.

I still think of you under the night sky,
That hopefully one day you will come and say “hi”
And then maybe we can start to rewrite,
Back from where we left and make everything right.

I miss you and I can’t forget about you,
Our ventures together were so full of hue,
My love, I’m still badly in love.
Is this the love I can never have?

Destiny or not,
I was happy we met.
Even though I was hurt, I have no regrets.

You who taught me all I need to be strong
You who inspired me to write a song

This farewell letter is short and sweet,

But poetically I hope that I can speak.
Directly to your heart intrinsically,
To reveal the truth behind our misery.

Behind you that’s where I will be,

I will follow you through your journey.
I am prepared to give you my everything,
Even if in this setup I have nothing.

To ease the pain we needed space,

But why do I long for you each passing day.
I will be forever this way,
Hoping that someday you might feel the same.

If this parting will bring us pain,

Then I’d rather not because it’s still the same,
The pain from longing will just stay,
In this love affair who brought me nothing but pain.

By Zeke

I'm a scholar of life, a philanthropist, a romanticist writer, a philanthropist, an art lover, a book geek, a movie junk, and a story-teller. Zeke is an ever-curious millennial who takes interest in anything but mundane. His stories, insights, essays, and reviews are all drawn from the experiences, the upbringings, and the discoveries profound in life. Behind his bright and sunny personality is his deep curiosity for history, art, and life. In a neverending search for purpose, he strives to understand things by keeping an open mind and communication line.

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