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#ZDiaries: Reinforcement Mantras

It took me some time to finally see that it’s myself who I need to convince to fight, not them, nor the strength of the medicine I’m taking up every day. Here are some wordplays I say to myself whenever I feel down.

Struggles, battles, challenges, trials are just some of the words we use to describe the obstacles we face in life. Life is a never-ending battle- from the decisions we make to the life-threatening risks we went through, our fights were never easy. When you’re aware of the difficulties it entails, it is easy to look back and equip yourself with the right tools and mantras essential to fight. We all have a crucial moment in life where we make decisions, not only for ourselves but also affect the people around us.

While these decisions ignite our urges to fight our battles head-on, there will be instances when backing down seemed to be the smartest choice. There will be times when dilemmas, doubts, demotivation, and uncertainties will not only cloud our decisions but also makes us question our capabilities.

A few months ago, I was very sick. My doctor told me that I have a lifetime disease. Deep inside, I was ready to give up, in this time of pandemic- dying of a disease doesn’t seem new. But what gave me hope was how the people around me were reinforcing me to fight.

There were times when I was doubtful of their sincerity or not- as words will always be just words. But it took me some time to finally see that it’s myself who I need to convince to fight, not them, nor the strength of the medicine I’m taking up every day. Here are some word-plays I say to myself whenever I feel down.

“You are enough.”

This helped me face not only my self-doubts but also reinforced me to do more for others than myself. People will not be convinced with your potentials if you don’t believe in them yourself. I think it starts from within.

“Understanding is the key to acceptance.”

Often times, people are scared because of the things they do not know, things they don’t fully understand. While it’s scary for most, I draw courage from my openness to the unknown – it won’t harm to try to understand the things that aren’t familiar.

“Get up, fight”

This seemed more like a morning coffee than a phrase to me. It reinforces my will to fight any challenges head-on without hesitation. I think were all equipped with the tools we need to fight our battles, it’s up to us how we wish to use those tools.

“Everything will fall into place”

As critical beings, we always try to foresee the consequences of our actions, preparing ourselves from the worst-case scenario. But this often leads to over-thinking, overanalyzing, and anxiety at most. When you believe that there is always someone who has everything planned, you’ll be able to move freely and make decisions calmly.

By Zeke

I'm a scholar of life, a philanthropist, a romanticist writer, a philanthropist, an art lover, a book geek, a movie junk, and a story-teller. Zeke is an ever-curious millennial who takes interest in anything but mundane. His stories, insights, essays, and reviews are all drawn from the experiences, the upbringings, and the discoveries profound in life. Behind his bright and sunny personality is his deep curiosity for history, art, and life. In a neverending search for purpose, he strives to understand things by keeping an open mind and communication line.

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