Post-bank Z-Diary

#ZDiaries: War of the Narratives

Is there still room for peace, given that the technology has bound us closer, and the society empowered us equally to use our voices? Where do we find a stalemate when our beliefs and opinions clash?


For today’s generation, the internet has become their reality. An avenue where people from different walks of life meet, a place for jobs and corporations, no matter what or who you’re looking for, the internet has it. I came from a period where people are on a transition, the generation that was equipped with the knowledge of how the technology works. It seemed to me that as we progress to be more digital, its users tend to forget the foundations.

Generation gaps?

As I observe Gen Zs while they use their platforms when they respond to what they see online. Things are different from how they used to be.

Did the fast innovation trespassed social growth, which one should come first, can it go together hand-in-hand?

As I grew up from a generation that aggressively empowers its people, equipping them with the knowledge- instilling the fundamentals of democracy enforcing braver and more liberal foundations. We tend to be more outspoken and verbose about our beliefs and stances.

From my observations, it has become convenient for younger generations to take for granted small but fundamental things that society demands from us. However, this generation gap brought a chilling effect to those who cannot keep up with the trends or get stuck in a monotonous mindset. The chilling effect is so staggering that it shakes most people off of their stances. Hence, a clash of ideas.

As I write this journal entry it made me yearn for peace. do we still have room for peace, when technology has bound us much closer than ever, and with the society empowering us equally to use our voices? Where do we find a stalemate when our beliefs and opinions clash?

By Zeke

I'm a scholar of life, a philanthropist, a romanticist writer, a philanthropist, an art lover, a book geek, a movie junk, and a story-teller. Zeke is an ever-curious millennial who takes interest in anything but mundane. His stories, insights, essays, and reviews are all drawn from the experiences, the upbringings, and the discoveries profound in life. Behind his bright and sunny personality is his deep curiosity for history, art, and life. In a neverending search for purpose, he strives to understand things by keeping an open mind and communication line.

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